Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What's Going On

Currently our family resides in Roswell, Georgia. However this past Monday Robert interviewed for a job in Thomson, Georgia. This would be a good move for us. I'm crossing my fingers that Robert will get offered the position. Now that we have Clifton, we are ready to get established in a safer area. The area of town that Robert works in now is a 35mile drive across the city in a not so safe area of town. We will find out in a week or so if Robert gets the job. I'm hoping for the move, but if it's not meant to be then we will make a Plan B. Goals for right now are to find a church home, get back in shape, and to get out of debt. Robert and I both put on some baby weight. Hopefully this year we can get back on track with eating healthy and exercising. That's all for now!

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